Author: Jessica Smith

Deftones Debut on Rock Band with Three-Pack

Ahh, the awesome DLC, it doesn’t stop!  This week the Deftones will be gracing Rock Band with their presence with three amazing songs from two amazing albums.

Pantera’s Great Southern Trendkill Comes to Rock Band

I’m extra excited for this week’s DLC – ten tracks from Pantera’s legendary album, The Great Southern Trendkill. This album came out in 1996, when grunge and rap-core were dominating the airwaves, and it was literally music to my ears. The Great Southern Trendkill has some of the fastest and heaviest songs with some of the most meaningful lyrics that symbolize some of the difficult times the band was going through.

HMX PAX Showcase: Death of the Cool

Check out an exclusive video of Harmonix band Death of the Cool playing their Rock Band track "Can't Let Go" at the PAX East HMX Showcase to raise money for Child's Play.

Caught in a Gaga Romance: Four-Pack of DLC from Lady Gaga

This week we’ve got something extra awesome for your ear holes.  That’s right, folks – Lady Gaga DLC. Four of her hit tracks, plus the "South Park" Eric Cartman version of "Poker Face" and a bunch of singles are coming to Rock Band.

First Gigs, Nightmare or Otherwise

If you’re an aspiring rock star, you’re going to have to do it eventually. I’m not talking about waking up naked being spooned by a stranger on the couch of a hotel room under a dirty sleeping bag. I’m talking about getting up on stage for the first time ever, in front of a (hopefully?) large crowd who probably hates you already because they don’t know who you are.

Adventures in Booking: A Guide to Getting a Show

The hard part is over. You’ve gotten a band together and written some songs. Now you’re ready to play some shows but you don’t have the faintest idea of where to start. Follow these guidelines and you’ll be on your way to stardom in no time.

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