Author: Sean Baptiste

Offspring 3-Pack and More

More Offspring tracks come to Rock Band, plus Static-X, Screaming Trees, Harvey Danger and more.

Rush’s Moving Pictures Full Album DLC and More

The day has finally come - Rush's Moving Pictures album is now available as DLC. Also available this week are six individual tracks from bands like Bad Religion and The Cult.

Megadeth Full Album DLC

Megadeth full album download plus tracks from Rock Band Tour bands the Cab, Dashboard Confessional, Panic at the Disco and Plain White T's. 

Just Came Back From E3

Sean shares some of the passion Harmonix puts into their games.

MTV Movie Awards

Harmonix rocks with the American Gladiators, the Pussycat Dolls, and even Tila Tequila at the MTV Movie Awards.

Travel? Travel.

Harmonix celebrates the European launch of Rock Band.

Trip to St. Paul

Harmonix participates in the Grammy Foundation's Career Day.

Getting Back on the Horse

Getting back to writing

First Recorded Outside Musician

Some backstory on Florence Foster Jenkins, an "outsider" musician

Perfect Potato Recipe

Sean shares his perfect potato recipe with the world.