Author: The Hellion

The End: Oh My God, The Last One Ever

When Brett Milano first suggested the idea of the "52 Weeks in the Life of a Rockstar" project, I guffawed.

Are We Famous Yet?: How to Know When You've Made it Big

A month or so ago, my band VAGIANT was playing at a basement show.

Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away): How to Kick out a Bandmate without Getting Kicked Wicked Hard in the Shins

A band can be a fragile thing. Sometimes the chemistry is perfect – you all love nothing more than sitting around in the space chugging Clamweiser and writing Deep Purple rip-offs about how great you look in Capri pants. But sometimes the chemistry isn't so hot.

How to Win Fans and Influence People: Projecting “Rockability” Onstage

A few years before I started working at Harmonix, I got into this big argument with my roommate at the time over who should be called the “greatest front man in history.” I said Iggy Pop; she said Jason Kendall of the Amazing Royal Crowns.

You CAN Come Home Again, But You'll Never Get the Smell Out of Your Bomber Jacket: The Hellion's Tour Diaries, part 4

It wasn't me. I swear.

Most Likely to Succeed: The Hellion's Tour Diaries, Part 3

I know that lots of things have changed since I was in high school.

On Tour and In Trouble: The Hellion’s Tour Diaries, Part 2

About two years ago, my band VAGIANT was approached by our Number One Superfan, an affable chap named Wes, about playing a show in a hotel for his birthday party in Virginia.

Nancy is a Punk Rocker: The Hellion’s Tour Diaries, Part 1

I recently came back from my first tour with my band VAGIANT and the very badass boys of Razors in the Night. 

Just Lust: A Guide to Making Your Fans Want to French Kiss You Big Time

Like many of you (okay, ALL of you) I started a band in the hopes that it would ultimately lead to bath-time make-outs with ridiculously attractive people.

For Those About to Stalk: How to Handle Your Fans Now That You Actually Have a Few

I am not the popular one in my band. That would be LoWreck. Here is a sample of the type of email we receive on a fairly regular basis:

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