Pearl Jam Takes It Forward With Backspacer

It’s a banner DLC day here at Rock Band: For the first time ever, we’re offering a full-album DLC on the same day of its general release. And we think the album is a future classic: Pearl Jam’s Backspacer.

If you know everything about Pearl Jam, think again: Backspacer may be the loudest, fastest album the Seattle quintet has ever made, with lots of full-throttle, garage-inspired rock’n’roll. As guitarist Mike McCready explains in our exclusive interview, the album’s celebratory mood just may have something to do with recent changed in the White House. Fans are already calling it one of Pearl Jam’s best—Rolling Stone just noted it’s got the “shortest, tightest, punkiest tunes they’ve ever banged out”—and even non-fans are giving the new sound a thumbs-up.

You’ve probably heard the single, “The Fixer,” a snarling rocker about making the world a better place—and we at Rock Band have got to love a song that has “Yeah, yeah, yeah” in the chorus. That’s not even the loudest song here though; check out the three-chord thriller “Gonna See My Friend,” with a hot solo that McCready recommends you all have some fun with.  That’s not to say that you don’t get to share some sensitive moments with Eddie Vedder, however; and on “Just Breathe” and “The End” you’re invited to join him to contemplate the mysteries of life, death and love.  It adds up to a new peak for Pearl Jam, and you can absorb it for the first time while you’re playing it!