Bandmate Drummer Contest - Ends 12/13/08 12 AM ET

This week's contest prize is your very own custom Bandmate from the Rock Band Store, as always you have to work for it.

With your help we’re assembling the all-time killer Rock Band band. Now it’s time to fill that all-important drum slot. We invite you to show us the essence of a rock’n’roll drummer, with all the wildness and sheer energy that would entail. Don’t hold yourself back, just make sure not to injure the photographer!

The winner will receive a gift code for a Bandmate from the Rock Band Store!

Each submission MUST be emailed to [email protected] and must include:

  • 1MB or smaller JPG Photo
  • Entrant's full name
  • Entrant's email address
  • Entrant's registered profile name

Any submission NOT including these must be disqualified. Contest runs from 12/9/08-12/13/08 at 12:00AM ET.

See the complete rules for forbidden content. This includes trademarks, brands, and logos, mentions of web sites, and any personally identifiable information like license plates, in addition to the usual obscenity/violence type guidelines. Entrants violating these rules must be disqualified.

UPDATE!!!! Check out the winner HERE!