Better Than Quicksand

It was also the first of a new weekly tradition: Sushi Saturdays. Since we are in crunch and nearly everyone is required to work Saturdays the company pays for lunch. Kris thought it would be cool if we had sushi for lunch to make working on those days nicer.

Our new space has a ramp in it. This ramp is great for skateboarding, riding a scooter, roller-skates, somersaults, or whatever. Underneath the carpet the ramp is made of metal so when you stomp on it loud noises spread to the surrounding offices. In order to solve this problem we've decided to install a shark pit at the base of the ramp. We're going to get tiger sharks, the most vicious shark known to man. These sharks will be trained to ignore people who tiptoe or walk quietly. People who stomp or walk really really fast will be snapped in two almost instantaneously. We've got insurance for the sharks so we'll be ok on the legal side of things.