Big Dipper DLC: A Muse to Legends

Boston’s rock scene is part of Rock Band’s lifeblood, and we always like to present music by legendary local bands - whether it’s the Pixies or the Cars, Boston or Mission of Burma. Joining the club this week is Big Dipper, a band that ruled the local scene in the late '80s/early '90s. They had smart lyrics for the thinkers, loud guitars for the Pixies/Burma fans, and mile-wide pop hooks for everybody. How many bands could write a singalong anthem about the end of the world, “All Going Out Together,” and then get the hipper commercial radio stations to play it?

The three songs in our package (the one above plus “She’s Fetching” and “Younger Bums”) were all over college radio and hipper commercial stations in the late '80s - For extra credit, see if you can catch the part of “Younger Bums” that they borrowed from Cat Stevens. The band toured the country, signed to a major label, and inspired some younger upstarts, including a Seattle kid named Kurt Cobain. Another of their fans was Superchunk leader Mac McCaughan, who recently put out a three-CD Big Dipper anthology (Supercluster) on his own Merge label. The band played some well- received reunion gigs behind the release last year, and they’ll be appearing in some exclusive content later this month.