Bob Marley’s Legend Lives on in Rock Band

I stole my first Bob Marley tape. I took it right out of a radio in the kitchen where I worked one summer. While I regret the crime, the payoff was worth it. I popped that tape in my car's radio and there it stayed for the better part of a year. 

The tape was a recording from one of Bob's last shows. Most of those songs are on the Legend album and are some of the most heard tracks of the Wailers gigantic catalog. They are all the songs you know. Maybe not the names, but I can guarantee most people would recognize them instantly by sound.  

These songs were the first bit of reggae that I got into and they served as an introduction to a sound that really hit me just right. I love reggae music. Roots.  Dancehall.  Dub.  I don't care if its on a top end sound system, or a crappy transistor radio.  I love the sound of reggae music.  But it all started with Bob Marley and the Wailers. Both for me, and just about the rest of he world. 

The songs on the Legend album have great beats, bouncing rhythms, and amazing vocal tracks that are going to be really fun to play. They are also songs with pretty deep meanings and contain important messages about life and love, struggle and revolution. 

Playing these songs in Rock Band is a far better way to experience Bob's music than stealing an old cassette. It will no doubt spark an interest in many people as it did for me years ago.  I'm really excited that Rock Band will introduce Bob Marley and the Wailers to so many new listeners.

The Legend (Album) pack and individual tracks will be available September 21 with these tracks:


  • "Is This Love"*
  • "No Woman No Cry"*
  • "Could You Be Loved"
  • "Three Little Birds"*
  • "Buffalo Soldier"
  • "Stir It Up"
  • "One Love/People Get Ready"
  • "I Shot the Sheriff"
  • "Waiting in Vain"*
  • "Redemption Song"*
  • "Satisfy My Soul"*
  • "Exodus"
  • "Jamming"

The tracks with * will also be available in the family-friendly LEGO Rock Band Music Store.

The track "Get Up, Stand Up" will be available on the Rock Band 3 disc. For more information on the Rock Band 3 setlist, click here. The Legend tracks will be available as a pack for $19.99 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, or as singles for $1.99 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and $2.00 on Wii. 

To discuss this DLC, visit the official discussion thread on the Rock Band forums.