Prodigal Brain Dump

So... long time no see. I haven't blogged on here since November and to be perfectly honest I haven't really been getting all up in threads and replying either. I have been on, I have been reading, but in a lot of ways the launch of the game and new website and then the PS2 launch and Canada has kept me pretty much reactive instead of proactive - so I do apologize.

What's been going on? Well when the game came out we went from about 5,000 active users to about 60,000 which is actually a pretty significant leap to have in such a small period. Meanwhile we've also been touring around and showing the game off at places like Sundance, and on the news, and at people's houses, and for the Child's Play Charity, and a lot of other places. I guess you could say that most of the Rock Band team was in crunch last summer to get the game out and we kind of had the same thing right after launch.

Floods of people came on in that time. Some just signed up to ask a question (often a question that would have been answered a billion times if they had used search but that is beside the point - and on that note thanks to all the forum posters who didn't just reply to the thread slamming the person, who kindly answered the question and then suggested they search next time - y'all are my heroes). Others have stuck around and participated in the ongoing conversations and become part of the fabric of the place which totally rules.

And the entire thing has started to have the slightest whiff of anarchy which is both wicked rad and a little distressing. Trust me, we're working on that now and I think you'll really like the results. We don't want this to turn into a big, dumb, cynical, negative, monosyllabic WahFest like pretty much the rest of the internet. We want this community to be an awesome place to hang out and have a good conversation about Rock Band, share your achievements, talk about music, have access to Harmonix, and generally just chill. We're working on overhauling the current forum rules for a new set that is more adequate for a community of this size.

Oh and while we're here - big huge thanks from me and Johnlok to our community mods. Without the help of Apples, TBradshaw, and Feigned we would be in a tough spot indeed. They do an awesome job and I don't know what I would do without them.

If I haven't answered your PMs I apologize. I lost a whole bunch over my vacation but I will do better at getting on that. That said please don't PM me requests for songs. Save that for the Ultimate Setlist forum section! Other stuff I am wicked helpful with. Sometimes.

What else? Heading out to LA tomorrow with the other John to talk to kids about careers in videogame audio for the Grammy Foundation. I keep hinting that when I am there I am going to pretend that I think I am there to deliver a "Scared Straight" speech and just yell at them about prison and returning your books on time. I'm actually pretty honored to do this. Going out and meeting people and getting to talk about Harmonix and what we do and try to get kids interested in this field is always really cool.

Also heading out to GDC after that which I am really stoked about. First of all I dig San Francisco. Good seafood, my favorite arcade, lots of friends, fun lectures, and probably some pretty sweet parties. I also have tickets to Jonathan Coulton's show that Friday night where he is recording his DVD. That will be awesome in the extreme.

There is actually a ton of other stuff going on as well, some of which I can probably talk about (that would bore you) and some I can't (that wouldn't bore you, probably).

Anyways, it is good to be back posting and I hope to do it more than I have done as of late. Also I'm going to try to read YOUR blogs more often.