Breaking Benjamin Makes Their Rock Band Debut with Three Hit Singles

Hailing from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, Breaking Benjamin formed when guitarist Aaron Fink and bassist Mark James left their band Lifer, which had just been signed to a record deal with Universal. The story goes that Fink & James had such enormous faith in frontman Ben Burnley's songwriting skills that they felt comfortable leaving their already successful band behind. Breaking Benjamin signed with Hollywood Records in 2001 and released the critically acclaimed Saturate the following year.

After almost two years of touring to support Saturate, the band came home to record their second album with help from a very special guest. Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins co-wrote several of the tracks on We Are Not Alone and is credited with “additional assistance.” “So Cold” was the first single and a #1 hit on the rock charts, helping the album get a platinum certification. It’s a haunting track, featuring melodic guitars (including a very short solo from Fink) and vocals that range from an almost-whisper to an emotional scream. Burnley and Fink told Guitar World that the horror movie 28 Days Later inspired the desperate, isolated quality of the song.

The band followed up the success of We Are Not Alone by adding new drummer Chad Szeliga and recording their third album Phobia. “The Diary of Jane,” Phobia’s first single, was a radio hit before the album was even in stores, hitting number two on the Billboard Hot 100 and helping the band land their second platinum album. The song features Szeliga’s intense drumming and Fink’s powerful guitar riff combined with Burnley’s lyrical perfectionism. According to James, Burnley had three or four options for the lyrics and melody before the band even entered the studio. The result is an in-your-face rock song with a super-catchy hook.

“I Will Not Bow” is the first single from Dear Agony, the band’s fourth studio album, which hits stores the same day as the DLC pack. The track is featured on the soundtrack for the Bruce Willis sci-fi thriller Surrogates and movie footage features heavily in the music video. Displaying the band’s usual mix of driving guitars, heavy drums, and Burnley’s soaring vocals, the song is already a top ten hit at rock radio.

The songs will be available on Xbox 360 and Wii on September 29th and PlayStation 3 October 1st.