A Brutally Legendary Three-Pack of DLC

Believe it or not, there are times when we do like to play games other than Rock Band. And it’s no surprise that Brütal Legend has a lot of fans around these parts. It’s got great music and brilliant graphics, it’s got Jack Black (who’s already in our game as part of Tenacious D), and it’s got a heavy-metal roadie who slays demons. What’s not to love?

Besides, we’ll welcome any excuse to put more Motörhead into our game. So leading off our Brütal Legend three-pack is “We Are the Road Crew,” a towering song in the game and Motorhead’s career. Celebrating the guys who keep a band on the road, this song first appeared on Motörhead’s landmark Ace of Spades album, but our version is a spanking new remake that the band did last year (along with the already-released Rock Band update of “Ace of Spades”). Bassist and metal deity Lemmy has said he wrote “Road Crew” in about a half-hour; nobody’s denying it was time well spent.

Also right up to date is Testament’s “More Than Meets The Eye,” a recent track (from 2008) by the San Francisco band that pioneered thrash back in the '80s - a legendary brutal band if there ever was one.

There must of course be a Tenacious D number in this package, and “The Metal” (originally from their film, The Pick of Destiny) may be their magnum opus. Black’s treatise on the power of metal is pure poetry, and no night of excessive Rock Band play should be without it.