Bullet For My DLC

“Scream Aim Fire,” one of the songs in this week’s DLC pack, was the first Bullet For My Valentine song I heard. From the moment those crazy drums started, I was hooked. This song kicks off at warp speed and doesn’t stop. One of my first thoughts was that it would be awesome in Rock Band. In fact, I think it was on my DLC wishlist on the Rock Band 2 version of

I had to hear more…so I downloaded (legally, mind you) everything they’d ever released. I spent days listening to The Poison and Scream Aim Fire, plus a bunch of covers and acoustic versions I’d found (check out their cover of Metallica’s “Welcome Home (Sanitarium)”). The acoustic version of “Tears Don’t Fall” made it into heavy rotation on my playlists – I’m a sucker for acoustic versions of metal songs. While that’s not the version we have in this pack – we have the original album version of “Tears Don’t Fall” – I highly recommend checking it out. As someone that plays Rock Band vocals, I am super stoked about this song coming to the game (with pre-apologies to my neighbors for the screaming parts). While I play guitar a bit less often, the subtle riff throughout the song sounds super fun for RB gameplay. Not to mention the crazy drumbeats and the INSANE guitar solo in the breakdown near the end of the song.

The last song in the pack is from Bullet For My Valentine’s latest album Fever. “Your Betrayal” is an angry song just begging to be played loud. I may or may not have almost blown a speaker in my car playing this as loud as possible. It is the perfect headbanging song (and man, do these guys have the hair for that). It’ll be fun on all instruments, and a great challenge on guitar, especially since there’s a Pro Guitar upgrade available. If you like these tracks and are looking for more to listen to, check out the title track from Fever, “All These Things I Hate (Revolve Around Me)” from Poison, and “Waking the Demon” from Scream Aim Fire (which is already available as Rock Band DLC).

The band is in the studio now working on their next album. Check them out on Twitter and Facebook for more news and updates.


Thank you Rockband, it's about time an awesome that BFMV is on here with more songs. Now if we could get more Atreyu too.

Great choices to add into the library, and I thought id be first to say so lol Thanks!