Category: Behind the Scenes

Why We Rocked: Harmonix Showcase at PAX East 2010 for a Cause

Harmonix Manager of Communications John Drake recounts the Harmonix Showcase at PAX East 2010, featuring his band The Main Drag as the headliner. The event showcased Harmonix bands and the proceeds benefited Child's Play, a charity close to Harmonix's heart.

Happy Birthday, Roy Orbison!

Join Rock Band in celebrating music legend Roy Orbison's birthday.

HMX vs. Media Molecule: Bring it On!

The Escapist Magazine's 2010 March Mayhem Developer Showdown has opened up for voting! In Round one, Hamronix has been pitted against the infamous, dubious, and amazingly awesome Media Moledule.

Twice In A Lifetime: A Tour of Mike Dornbrook’s Desk

Harmonix Chief Operations Officer Mike Dornbrook generously gave us an exciting tour of his office over Central Square and talked about the video games he worked on during his amazing career.

HMX Desks: Action Figures, Yo! MTV Raps Cards, and a Straitjacket – the Perfect Workspace

Here's another look at the desks of the community and PR team. This time we talked to HMXaleX about his Street Fighter action figures and other characters inhabiting his desk.

HMX Desks: HMXVeng’s Turtles, Riggs, and Dave

Check out the toys that inhabit HMXVeng's desk, including an Eddie Riggs statue, TMNT figures, and anime figures.

A Guide to Holiday Rock Band Shopping

Need some Rock Band-themed gifts for this holiday season? Let Rock Band expert Kyle Mercury guide you through the plethora of rockin' gifts available.

HMXHenry’s Desk aka A Man Crush Interview Come True

I am always on the lookout for a chance to visit with HMXHenry and sneak in a discussion about some of the X-Men toys on his desk, give him a drawing or a high five.

Energizer Advance Into Overdrive Jimmy Twinkle Recap

The members of Jimmy Twinkle and the BAD woke up to a frosty Michigan morning on Thursday, having little to no sleep but excited about flying to New York to play Rock Band in front of thousands of people for 20 straight hours.

Got to Get You Into My Life: HMXers and The Beatles Before The Beatles: Rock Band, Part II

Many Harmonixers found the Beatles at a very early age, and we particularly associate the Beatles with our families.