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HMXers' First Concerts: Part I

Everyone remembers their first concert experience. It’s a rite of passage for everyone who appreciates music and live performance. In this series of behind-the-scenes articles, we explore the first concert experiences of Harmonix employees. For many HMXers these shows were defining moments in their lives that shaped future careers.

Cisco Presents: Rock Band Chapter 8

Our artists and designers take you inside the character and instrument designs; and define that mix of arena-rock and psychedelia that shapes our visual universe.

Cisco Presents: Rock Band Chapter 7

The HMX community team brings Rock Band to the fans. 

Cisco Presents: Rock Band Chapter 6

Find out how Nerf gun battles help our QA team find perfection. 

Cisco Presents: Rock Band Chapter 5

Meet Rock Band champions Earth Wind & Centaurrr!

Cisco Presents: Rock Band Chapter 4

A look at our Chinese connection, this chapter reveals why the guitars look so good.

HMXers Favorite Rock Band Songs

What songs do the people behind Rock Band like to play in the game?

Cisco Presents: Rock Band Chapter 2

So how exactly do you manufacture a million virtual drum sets? We found out so you don’t have to.

Child's Play Charity Dinner Results

Every year we donate something or some things to Penny Arcade's Child's Play Charity dinner in Seattle, and this week was no different.

HMX First Records Story

You always wonder about your coworkers’ formative musical experiences, especially in an outfit like this one. With that in mind, we posted an informal in-house poll, asking Harmonix folks about their first records, tapes and/or CDs. We were sure we’d find out that our brilliant colleagues were dreaming up music games in the womb, sneaking into CBGB at the age of ten, and absorbing the whole of music history.