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What are you guys still wondering about?

Hey everyone:

Finished writing my epic blog update, and realized maybe you guys would want to ask a few followup questions with regards to Rock Band 2. So I figured I'd make a blog post here.


Hope you're all doing well and shacking with antici....pation for Rock Band 2 to drop officially in just an hour and a half. I'm astounded and excited that all of the hard work we've done and all the feedback you guys have provided is finally being churned out on a real gods-honest videogame. ROCK!

Secret Rock Band 2 Feature Announced! (Update 4)

Harmonix senior designer Dan Teasdale reveals a super secret Rock Band 2 feature.

HMX On The Road Seattle

We've been wailing at PAX (penny arcade expo) pretty much round the clock since Thursday. Some pretty amazing stuff ("Sex Generals" Penny Arcade guys playing on stage, a band of storm troopers at our booth, a great panel featuring HMXers, this weeks DLC announcement and much more), but mostly just a LOT of Rock Band 2 playing. Like...A LOT.

Nervous Breakdown

On the road at PAX, plus responding to some craziness on the forums.

PAX and Tour Challenges

A closer look at Rock Band 2's Tour Challenges.

Funland at the Beach

Harmonix employees take a break with a company-wide clambake.

HMX On The Road- Leipzig Update #2

Live from Leipzig, en route to Munich, here’s my second and final missive from Germany, as I’m moments from boarding a flight back to JFK. Upcoming week in NYC should be great, including an awesome DLC night at Angels and Kings on Wednesday Evening (which is just a few blocks away from where I stay with friends when I’m in town…I’m quite the imposer).

Rock Band 2 Statistics

Harmonix senior designer Dan Teasdale shares some interesting Rock Band 2 stats.

Rock Band 2 Q&A, Part II

Harmonix senior designer Dan Teasdale answers more of your Rock Band 2 questions.