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The Official Harmonix Podcast Episode 61 – Butterbeer for my Horses

On this week’s episode, the gang gets goofed up on butterbeer and talks about theme parks.

The Official Harmonix Podcast Episode 60 – Lesser is More(r)

This week on the podcast we’ve got a ton of really cool news related to the world of Dance Central, brought to you by DC’s community manager, Annette! But Rock Band isn’t left out, with some lively discussion about the new songs coming up for the game, and some that have been recently released.

The Official Harmonix Podcast Episode 59 – The Extra Features Crew Recaps 2011 & The Harmonix Interview: Greg Lopiccolo

It is almost 2012 and we recap some of the awesome moments this year at Harmonix.

The History of Maximum Donordrive, A Rock Band Party with a Purpose

A small Rock Band night spawns a yearly charity event that gathered almost 500 pounds of food per year for a local food pantry.

The Official Harmonix Podcast Episode 58 – HMX Smokehouse & The Harmonix Interview: Robotkid

A smorgasbord of info about Rock Band, Dance Central & VidRhythm in this week's show!

Rock Band 3 at Ümloud!

HMXHenry, HMXJohnD, and HMXPope are in San Francisco at the annual Ümloud event. Ümloud is an annual fundraising event supporting Child's Play Charity.

The Official Harmonix Podcast Episode 57 – The Harmonix Interview: Alex Rigopulos & Eran Egozy

Our illustrious co-founders, Alex and Eran, sit down to talk about a broad range of topics, in relation to 4 years of the Rock Band franchise.

The Official Harmonix Podcast Episode 56 – 4 Years of Rock Band

On November 20th, 2007 Harmonix launched Rock Band, today we stop and reflect on four years of awesome experiences from the game.

The Official Harmonix Podcast Episode 55 – Rock the Matt Boch Talk Doc

Today’s guest is Matt Boch, Lead Designer on Dance Central 2, and true Renaissance man.

The Official Harmonix Podcast Episode 54 – Bustin' Moves & Ghosts

Podcastin’ makes me feel good!! We’re in my favorite time of year, dudes and dudettes- Autumn. With the Fall comes cool air, foliage, Halloween, pumpkin spice coffee, ghouls, apple cider donuts, and a BIG GAME RELEASE FROM HARMONIX!