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Not So Special Contest Winner

Aaaaannnnnd thhhhhhheeeeee wiiiiiiiiiinnnnneeeeerrrrr issssssss . . .

Not So Special Contest - Ends 12/29/08 12AM ET

So you were too goofy, geeky or just plain ordinary-looking to win any of our previous contests? Not to worry: Rock Band is for everybody, and now it

Role Model Contest Winner


Rock Band presents: The Great Role Model Challenge - Ends 12/21/08 12AM ET

For our latest photo contest, we’re shooting the works: We invite you to pick any musician with a song on Rock Band and do your impression of that artist. Anyone is fair game as long as they have a song in the game, even one of those lesser-known DLC bands. Become your role model and you shall be rewarded!

Bandmate Contest Winner

And the winner is, drum roll please . . . 

Bandmate Drummer Contest - Ends 12/13/08 12 AM ET

With your help we’re assembling the all-time killer Rock Band band. Now it’s time to fill that all-important drum slot. We invite you to show us the essence of a rock’n’roll drummer, with all the wildness and sheer energy that would entail. Don’t hold yourself back, just make sure not to injure the photographer!

Mad Catz M.I.C. Contest Winner

Without further ado, or a don't . . . 

Mad Catz M.I.C. Contest - Ends 12/7/08 12AM ET

This week’s contest prize is the coveted Mad Catz M.I.C. (Microphone with Integrated Controller), but we’re going to make you work for it.

Give Thanks Winner

And the winning turkey is...

Give Thanks Contest - Ends 11/30/08 12 AM ET

Time to show us your Thanksgiving snapshots. Show us your family sharing a Rock Band moment before or after turkey dinner…The more generations represented, the better. Having Grandma sing “Calling Dr. Love” won’t guarantee you a win, but it wouldn’t hurt..

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