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Buddy Holly Contest Winner

What did we ever do to these guys that got them so wired up?

Buddy Holly Contest - Ends 11/23/08 12 AM ET

You did so well in our “Down With the Sickness” contest that really impressed and frankly, a littlle scared. So this week we shift gears and throw you one of the nicest songs we’ve got: Weezer’s “Buddy Holly”. You don’t have to look like Buddy Holly or even Rivers Cuomo—Just turn loose you inner nerd and show us how to play this one with the appropriate style.

Down With The Sickness Winner

And the winner is . . . . 

"Down With The Sickness" Pose Contest

This week we challenge you to show us the proper attitude for playing a specific Rock Band song. And we’re jumping right in at the deep end: The song is “Down With the Sickness.” We dare you to show us—within the bounds of decency of course—the proper look and attitude for playing this lilting number.

Presidential Contest Winner

The results are in, the people have spoken; you showed US who you want.

Presidential Rock Band

Time to celebrate Election Day, Rock Band style. Your mission this week (after you vote, of course) is to show what your favorite president

Bassist Instincts Contest Winner

We challenged you to show us your best bass face, and you whipped up your most brooding, plastic guitar playing possible.

Bassist Instincts Contest

So you always lose the “bass-off” when you play with your friends? Now’s the time to get even! We invite you to show us the best and most rocking bass-player look you’ve got. 

AC/DC Show Us Your Angus Winner

We asked you to show us your best Angus Young, and you brought out your plastic guitars and best sneers.

Show Us Your Angus!

Want to score some cool AC/DC swag? Enter our Angus Young Look-A-Like Contest!

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