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Rock Band Blitz Release Date, Price, and New Songs Announced!

We announce the release date and pricing information for Rock Band Blitz, plus four new songs from the setlist!

Rock Band Blitz Setlist and Power-Up Announcement!

We announce 11 new songs from the Rock Band Blitz setlist and reveal some new Power-ups!

Harmonix and the Evolution of Beatmatch Gameplay: PAX 2012 Panel

A cadre of designers from Harmonix give you a big peek behind the curtain and detail the long evolution that brought them to Rock Band Blitz. Unprecedented access to footage from the Harmonix vault, as well as a ton of never before seen prototypes and concept art makes this a must watch for fans interested in how Harmonix developer Rock Band Blitz.

Harmonix Announces the Latest Rock Band Title: Rock Band Board Game!

We know you've been on the edge of your yoga ball/standing desk to see what mind blowing game Harmonix is going to make next. Well friends, that wait is OVER! Feast your eyes and ears on this EXCLUSIVE commercial for our upcoming game!

Valentine’s Day Live Stream

At 5:30pm EST today, Harmonix will be hosting a Valentine's Day Live Stream!

I Can Go for That! Hall & Oates Finally Comes to Rock Band

Community Manager Eric Pope talks about his love for the musical geniuses behind our latest Rock Band DLC pack, Hall & Oates.

2011: The Year in Rock Band

2011 was another great year for Rock Band thanks to our awesome fans. A lot happened this year, so check out the recap!

Rock Band 3 Now Available On Xbox 360 Games On Demand!

Rock Band 3 now available on Games On Demand for $19.99.

Harmonix Holiday Livestreamaganza! Playing Rock Band & Dance Central to Raise Money for Child's Play!

At 5pm EST today, Harmonix will be hosting their first annual Holiday Livestreamaganza, featuring interviews with Harmonix devs, designers, choreographers & more about Rock Band, Dance Central, VidRhythm, & more.

Discovering Rush: Spontaneous Emotion (And The Long Enduring Kind)

Hi. My name is Carolyn, and, though I claim to be a prog rock fan, it’s more accurate to say that I’m a Rush fan. It isn’t that I don’t listen to Yes, or Genesis, or Pink Floyd, or, lately, Andromeda (thank you, Rock Band Network!) - it’s just that Rush is where it all started for me.