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Rock Band’s Fourth Anniversary Round-Up

Rock Band was released on November 20, 2007. To celebrate Rock Band's fourth anniversary, we interviewed the people that were there at the start. What resulted were the following videos, podcasts, and blog posts. We also had our fans share their favorite Rock Band memories!

Rock Band's Fourth Anniversary - Harmonix Stories, Part III

We conclude our celebration of Rock Band's fourth anniversary with some stories about Harmonixers' favorite moments playing Rock Band and some of the craziest moments in the game's history

Rock Band Logo Concepts

Before the launch of Rock Band Harmonix worked with VICE to come up with some ideas for the now iconic game logo.

Rock Band Fourth Anniversary - Harmonix Stories, Part II

Part I, check it out here. Stay tuned throughout the week for more videos and stories from behind the scenes.

Rock Band Instrument Prototypes & Insider Stories

Four years ago on November 20, 2007 Harmonix unleashed Rock Band on the world. Jumping into the world of hardware was an exciting step for Harmonix and we sat down with the fearless members of the team.

Rock Band's Fourth Anniversary - Harmonix Stories, Part I

It’s the fourth anniversary of Rock Band, and Harmonix employees are sharing some of their stories and memories of the game. Stay tuned throughout the week for more videos and stories from behind the scenes.

The Untold Story of Rock Band

In honor of Rock Band's 4th anniversary, we gathered Harmonix's top players to discuss the making of the landmark game. In this short documentary, you'll see some never-before-seen concept footage from Rock Band's development, and hear some great inside stories.

Stevie Wonder: A Musical Genius

I grew up a weird, pasty-white kid in small-time Nebraska.At age 10, I loved Stevie Wonder. This should not have happened, right?

Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace: Is Cheap Trick the Greatest American Rock Band of All Time?

Is Cheap Trick the greatest American rock band of all time? Harmonix Office Manager Kurt Davis thinks so. Find out why.

Create Music with Rock Band 3 MIDI Instruments with deMIDulator from HMX Alum Derek Enos

Use your Rock Band 3 MIDI instruments to capture and create sound with a new project from former Harmonix hardware developer Derek Enos.