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Stone Sour Tells Us About the Avalanche Tour, Audio Secrecy, & Their Rock Band Debut

HMXcj chats with Corey Taylor and Josh Rand from Stone Sour about their new Rock Band tracks, their album Audio Secrecy, and the upcoming Avalanche Tour.

“Do It For Fun, Don’t Count the Money” – Words of Wisdom from The Bouncing Souls

Early this summer we stormed the Warped Tour and got a chance to talk with some awesome bands about the Rock Band Network. The Bouncing Souls were prime interview candidates: they had just released their track "Gasoline" in RBN and they just happen to be one of my favorite punk bands around today.

Laughin’ and Cryin’ with Jim from The Reverend Horton Heat

HMXPope chats with Jim Heath, the Reverend Horton Heat himself, about rockabilly history, the Rev in video games, and what it takes to make it 20 years as a hard traveling band.

Too Risque for the Coffee Shop: An Interview with The New Pornographers

Web plumber, HMXlame-o, gets a chance to meet and talk with one of his favorite bands, The New Pornographers, while they were on tour to support their new album, Together.

This is Serious Business: Playing Rock Band with the Acacia Strain

HMXThrasher chats with Vincent Bennett of the Acacia Strain about being on tour, their RBN track "Dr. Doom," and metal from Massachusetts. Plus we play "Dr. Doom" in Rock Band with Vincent on vocals. 

Getting the Word Out: An Interview with Anti-Flag

HMXThrasher caught up with bass player and vocalist from Anti-Flag, Chris #2 via email to chat about the new album, the band's activism, and potential future RBN tracks.

What’s In a Name? – An Interview with Steven Bradley of Iwrestledabearonce

Iwrestledabearonce is an avant-garde metal band from Shreveport, Louisiana. The band formed in 2007 and their debut full length album It’s All Happening was released last year by Century Media reaching the #1 slot on the Billboard Heatseekers chart.HMXBinThrDunTht caught up with lead guitarist Steven Bradley at SXSW in Austin for a quick chat after their set at the world famous Emo’s.

From Jackson Browne to Joystiq: An Interview with Jon Black

As a musician who loves video games, Jon Black is a natural fit for Rock Band.  Learn about his upcoming music, his favorite games, his song in the RBN, and more!

Sunlight, Steel, and Thunder: An Interview with Amberian Dawn

How many Amberian Dawn fans are there in the US?  The number grows every day as more people discover this unique symphonic metal band on the Rock Band Network.  In this interview, Heidi Parvianen, Tuomas Seppälä, and Tommi Kuri chat about their music, their history, their upcoming third album, and their enthusiasm for the Rock Band Network.

Nothing Like Mozart: An Interview with World Minus One

Jaek Pachniak, Sara Brauer, and Adam Granatella of World Minus One discuss their music, their track in Rock Band, their experience with the Rock Band Network, and how Adam got bitten by an alligator in his living room.