Category: Artist Interviews

“Can I swear, or is that bad?”: An Interview with Metal Band Skeletonwitch

HMX Alum, Eric Chon aka Veng catches up with drummer Derrick Nau and guitarist Scott Hedrick of Skeletonwitch to chat about their RBN track "Crushed Beyond Dust," playing smaller venues and big metal shows, and how awesome vinyl is.

Songwriting, Music Promotion, and RBN: An Interview with James William Roy

When the Rock Band Network store opened back in March, one of the first songs available was "Paper Valentines" by James Williams Roy. He spoke to us about his perspectives on music, songwriting, RBN author Markleford, and the Rock Band Network.

HMX Gets Toursick: An Interview with A Day To Remember

HMXThrasher & HMXPope chat with A Day To Remember about their Rock Band tracks, Tom Hanks, tour pranks, musical influences, and more!

Behind The Scenes With Neil Peart on “The Hockey Theme”

Rush drummer Neil Peart is no stranger to Rock Band and he recently released his own version of the Canadian classic "The Hockey Theme" as Rock Band DLC.

Thrasher’s Face-to-Face with Evile: An Interview with Ol

HMXThrasher chats with Ol of Evile and gets the scoop on Evile's RBN plans!

I’m a Role Model – A Conversation with GWAR

HMXHenry and HMXPope chat with Oderus Urungus of GWAR about GWAR coming to RBN, censorship, and teenagers.

The Diary of Ben: An Interview with Breaking Benjamin’s Ben Burnley

Breaking Benjamin's singer/guitarist Ben Burnley talks to us about music games, songwriting, touring, and more. 

RockBandAide Features Exclusive Interviews with RBN Bands Amberian Dawn and Damone

RockBandAide has two exclusive interviews withRBN artists Amberian Dawn and Damone. Check out some highlights of the interviews below and visit for the full interviews and video of Rock Band gameplay of their tracks.

Hometown Throwdown: An Interview with The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

HMXPope chats with Tim, Ben, Chris, and Lawrence of The Mighty Mighty Bosstones about the Hometown Throwdown, re-recording "Where'd You Go?" for Rock Band, and their new album Pin Points and Gin Joints.

The State of Rock in America: An Interview with Night Ranger’s Jack Blades

Night Ranger's bassist Jack Blades tells us all about rock star friendships, what it's like playing with some of the loudest guitar players in the world, and how the writing of Rock Band track "Don't Tell Me You Love Me" came about.