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Free Music! “Oxytocin” Presents the Other Side of Harmonix

If you've heard some of the Harmonix-associated bands who've made it into Rock Band, you might assume that we spend all our time playing guitars, pumping our fists. And of course, you‘re right…up to a point. But this place is a hotbed of musicians, and our taste can get pretty far-ranging. Lots of us are into hip-hop, electronica, and other sounds that wouldn't  fit so easily into the game.

Live From Harmonix, It’s Jimmy Eat World

Jimmy Eat World drops by the Harmonix offices to play some Rock Band and chat with us about unruly crowds.

Before the Flood: Bassist Tommy Shannon remembers Stevie Ray Vaughan

You walk into a small club one night, and see a gawky teenager playing some of the hottest blues guitar you’ve ever heard. You decide on the spot that you need to get yourself into that kid’s band…You do, and you start making musical history.

That's The Way That He Goes: A Talk with Richard Thompson

You mean you’ve never heard of Richard Thompson? Then prepare to meet one of rock’s ultimate cult heroes, and a man who regularly tops polls as one of the greatest guitarists alive.

Mixing on Mardi Gras With Mutemath

They’re a New Orleans band, and they’re in the studio on Mardi Gras: That should tell you all you need to know about Mutemath’s work ethic.

Truckin' With Mike Cooley

Athens, GA’s Drive-By Truckers are one of America’s great, cult-hero rock’n’roll bands, with a string of epic albums to their credit. 

Tanya Donelly Interview

This week we’re proud to welcome another of our hometown indie-rock legends to Rock Band. Just released as DLC, Belly’s “Feed the Tree” was a nationwide hit in 1993, capturing the imagination with its mix of mystery and energy. For leader Tanya Donelly it was just one stop in a long and fascinating career.

Unleashing the Fury with Yngwie Malmsteen!

So you thought that “Caprici di Diablo” was impossible to play? Well, you’re right: Even the man who wrote the tune finds it a challenge to play on a real guitar. The king of the shredders gives us the lowdown on his three new DLC tracks and more in this exclusive interview. 

Pleased to Meet Him: An Interview with Paul Westerberg

Brett chats with the former Replacements leader about his Rock Band 2 song "Alex Chilton," and more.

Carrying On With Kansas

There’s nothing like a prog-rock classic to give your playing skills a workout. If you’ve played “Carry On Wayward Son” you probably came away with new appreciation for Kansas’ skills, especially those tricky drum parts and death defying vocals.