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The Official Harmonix Podcast Episode 103 - PAX Prime 2013

This week's episode was recorded in front of a LIVE studio (panel) audience at PAX Prime 2013. We invited some of our indie game dev friends to join us and talk about their awesome projects coming up! Tune in and hear what Double Fine, Young Horses, Capy Games, and SuperGiant Games are up to!

The Official Harmonix Podcast Episode 102 - Hot Dogs from Strangers

Back from a whirlwind trip to the Disney D23 convention, and with the bulk of the team still on the road, a skeleton crew sits down to talk D23, karaoke, Aaron Neville, and eating food from strangers.

The Official Harmonix Podcast Episode 101 - Humanimal Crossing

Trying something new this week, the gang brings a slew of current headlines from music, gaming, and everything in between to discuss. It's like The McLaughlin Group but younger and with more yelling.

The Official Harmonix Podcast Episode 100 - Badderer Than Ever

The 100th episode is here!! And we neglected to even talk about how it's the 100th episode in the podcast because we are too focused on THE FUTURE! We chat with Harmonix Audio Director Eric Brosius, who is also serving as the Audio Lead for Fantasia: Music Evolved. Tune in for excellent insights into how audio and music are integral to bringing the magic of the game to life.

The Official Harmonix Podcast Episode 99 - A is for Apple, B is for Podcast

99 Episodes! Holy moly! The gang celebrates this (almost) momentous occasion by doing the only thing they know how to do: inanely discuss their favorite family restaurants.

The Official Harmonix Podcast Episode 98 - Ernest Goes to E3

With the team back from debuting Fantasia: Music Evolved at E3, they've got a lot of excitement to share with you. Tune in to find out how the show went for Harmonix, and hear about the amazing reactions to our new game!

The Official Harmonix Podcast Episode 97 - Let's Go To Fantasia

In case you missed the news, we've announced the next game from Harmonix! Teaming up with Disney, we've created an incredible new game, Fantasia: Music Evolved, for Kinect on the Xbox One and the Xbox 360! We have the game's Creative Director, Matt Boch, and its Project Director, Daniel Sussman, on this episode to talk all things Fantasia: Music Evolved!

The Official Harmonix Podcast Episode 96 – The Gatorcast

On the show this week is Mr. Dan Ryckert. Dan's a writer for GameInformer Magazine and author of the soon-to-be bestselling Air Force Gator book series.

The Official Harmonix Podcast Episode 95 - Go Home Dinosaurs, You're Drunk

Our old friend and Harmonix Community grand-dad, Sean Baptiste, pops in, Mr. McFeely-style, to hang out with us and chat!

The Official Harmonix Podcast Episode 94 – Lang Camaro

We owed Iron Galaxy Studio's Dave Lang a favor, so we let him come on our show.