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New to RBN: 10/4/13

It has been a LONG time since our last RBN update, but we’re glad to be back! We’ve sorted out some recent pipeline issues and have freed the following 3 songs from limbo, so they should be available in the store right now.

New to RBN: 7/11/13

One new track joins the Rock Band Network library today, Richard Campbell's "The Modern Prometheus"!

New to RBN: 6/27/13

We’ve got one new track hitting the Rock Band Network this week, but they’re a returning favorite!

New to RBN: 6/20/13

After a week off due to E3 travel, we are happy to announce four new RBN tracks hitting this week!

New to RBN: 6/6/13

We’ve got a new RBN track this week! Even one track is better than none tracks, and we’re stoked to see more content making its way through the RBN pipeline.

New to RBN: 5/23/13

The RBN community pushed these 3 songs through this week and we look forward to seeing more new content hit the Xbox 360 on a regular basis now that the pipeline is once again working as intended. is Back! has been restored. You will now be able to access the Creators site for Rock Band Network.

New to RBN: 3/28/13

This is the last week of RBN releases on PS3, so we’re going out with a bang! Jerry Lee Lewis’s classic “Great Balls of Fire” comes out Tuesday on PS3, along with four other frequently requested songs. Additionally, this release includes 5 (2x Bass Pedal) songs from artists such as A Day to Remember and August Burns Red for the enjoyment of expert drummers. That’s ten tracks total for PS3 players!

New to RBN: 3/21/13

New to RBN: 3/14/13

This Thursday, look for new Freen in Green and Rainbowdragoneyes on Xbox 360. PS3 players, this all-metal week includes finger-breaking songs by Psychostick, I See Stars, and more!