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New to RBN: 7/26/12

You already know this RBN song because it’s famous from the Rock Band 3 menu: “Everything I Hate About Myself” by Death of the Cool arrives in full-length glory on Xbox 360 today! PS3 will also have a spectacular release Tuesday with two songs by An Endless Sporadic and one by The Guild feat. Felicia Day.

New to RBN: 7/19/12

This week’s Xbox 360 release includes songs by Not Above Evil, Hillcrest, and Dante’s Dream on Xbox 360! On PS3, keep an eye out Tuesday for releases including songs by Dance for the Dying and Asking Alexandria.

New to RBN: 7/12/12

Children of Nova and Cynic are back on Xbox 360, plus 4 more new tracks releasing today! On PS3, look for 5 new songs Tuesday, including “I Don’t Want to Hear About Your Crappy Boyfriend” by Honest Bob and the Factory-to-Dealer Incentives.

New to RBN: 7/5/12

This week’s Xbox 360 RBN release features Kaipa (progressive metal from Sweden), Jonathan Coulton (melancholy rock from the Internet), and Eurobeat Brony (if you don’t know, then we’re not explaining). On PS3, look out Tuesday for a trio of incendiary metal songs by Atlanta’s Halcyon Way!

New to RBN: 6/28/12

Are you “the one that’s cool”? If so, put the Magic cards down and boot up your Xbox 360, because The Guild and Felicia Day are back on the Rock Band Network this week - now with keys and harmonies! Plus new songs on PS3.

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New to RBN: 6/21/12

Symphonic metal favorite Amberian Dawn returns with the title track off Circus Black! Rose of Jericho and Nightrage also release new songs on Xbox 360 today, and songs by An Endless Sporadic will be released on both PS3 and Xbox 360. All this and more from the Rock Band Network!

New to RBN: 6/14/12

This week, flex your fingers and warm up your voice - more Anarchy Club and An Endless Sporadic are coming to Xbox 360, and The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and Less Than Jake are headed for PS3. Rock on!

New to RBN: 6/7/12

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The Rock Band Network Community recommends some of their favorite tracks from recent releases.