Category: Rock Band on the Road

Rock Band Nights at Improv Boston

HMXPope walks you through the rowdiest Rock Band night in town - Rock Band Thursdays at Improv Boston.

From the Judges' Table: Our Tips for Acing Your Next Rock Band Competition

Need some tips on improving your Rock Band competition performance? Let the expert Harmonix judges show you the way.

Rock Band Network PAX Panels: Nord Shows Off RBN

Want to know more about the Rock Band Network? Hear it straight from the source, RBN's senior producer Matthew "Nord" Nordhaus' PAX PAnel is now available for your viewing pleasure.

CMJ 2009: My First Community Trip

Ever wanted to know what it's like to attend a music festival on behalf of Harmonix? Let HMXEnosity walk you through his first community event - CMJ 2009.

Abbey Road Tour

In July, HMXKat and I headed to London, England with Josh Randall, Project Director for The Beatles: Rock Band, to kick off the European Press Tour.

Outside Lands in San Francisco

Summer is the time of travel for the Harmonix Community Team and San Francisco’s very own Golden Gate Park and Outside Lands Music Festival became our latest target. Of course this celebration of life, love, and music would be the perfect avenue to introduce a whole new generation to the brilliance that is The Beatles!

The Beatles: Rock Band on the MTV VMA Red Carpet

Before Madonna gave her speech honoring Michael Jackson, before Obama declared Kanye a “jackass” and before Lady Gaga bled out all over the stage, there was the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards Red Carpet pre-game. TheBestSteph, HMXThrasher, HMXJohnD and I were there to witness this year’s shenanigans.

PAX Tweetup - Like Canterbury Tales, But With Chocolate Bacon Martinis

Sean hosts the first Harmonix Rock Band tweetup, meeting Rock Band fans for an adventure ending in chocolate bacon martinis.

PAX 2009

In September, the Community team headed to Seattle for Penny Arcade Expo 2009.

The Thrasher Challenge: Are You (Wo)Man Enough?

HMXThrasher shows who's boss on Evile's "Thrasher," one of the most difficult songs in Rock Band.