Category: Rock Band on the Road

Rock Band Finals at ConnectiCon

This is your inside look at ConnectiCon and the Rock Band Finals. First read about the Con from the view of one of the Harmonix judges. Then read on to see what it was like to be a member of the winning band.

Some Like It Hot! Or, HMX Takes a Road Trip to Fender

There are many parties and partners beyond the floating sky-fortress of doom who help us ensure that our games are as awesome as they possibly can be.

Rock Band Goes to Outside Lands!

A Weekend with Pearl Jam, The Beatles, and Really Strong Coffee

Community Team On The Road in Germany at GamesCom

In August, the Community team hit the road yet again. This time that road led to Cologne, Germany! (The road was underwater. We’re good at holding our breath for a long time.) 

Play The Beatles: Rock Band for Charity

Help out a good cause and play The Beatles: Rock Band at the same time - attend the MTV and Pepsi event in New York City on September 12th.

The Beatles: Rock Band at Fenway Park

The HMX Community Team hosted The Beatles: Rock Band set ups at two recent Paul McCartney shows at Fenway Park… here’s what they saw.

Harmonix on the Road at QVC

The Harmonix team took The Beatles: Rock Band to QVC's studios in West Chester, PA to do three LIVE shows demoing the game. We got very little sleep.

We Had a Ticket to Ride

HMXthebeststeph and HMXThrasher had the opportunity to show off The Beatles: Rock Band at a Paul McCartney concert in New York City.

Rock Band Night at Improv Boston

Harmonix is located in the heart of Central Square, Cambridge, a vibrant epicenter of activity.

Lessons Learned from E3

I had the surreal experience of attending my first E3 this year. Coworkers tried to prepare me for the flurry of activity and chaos that would occur, but I’m more of an experiential learner, so I ignored all of their advice.