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MTV Coast to Coast! Or, The Beatles: Rock Band Tour 2009

It’s always nice to keep our loving, big brother (MTV Games) in the loop about what we’ve been up to here in the Harmonix floating sky fortress of doom and awesomeness.

Pepsi Booth E3 Recap

Hey gang, Kyle here again. Last time I was writing for The ‘Zine I was recapping the Harrah’s Total Rock, Total Rewards tourney. This time around I’m stopping by with some choice tidbits from E3 2009.

Demo Time ALL the Time.

You know what’s awesome? Standing on stage giving a presentation to 80 jaded game journalists who are suffering stimuli fatigue from bright flashing lights, loud noises, FPS motion sickness, and greasy PR people and seeing them walk out after the presentation with contented happy smiles on their faces.

A List of What Goes On Behind The Scenes In No Particular Order

You’ve passed thru the door of “Abbey Road Studios”, were wowed by The Beatles Rock Band and the mad skills of our demo stage team.

Starlight VIP Party with HMX

It’s true that E3 is loads of work, but we here at Harmonix believe in a zen-like balance of work and play in our lives.

My First E3

After weeks of practicing The Beatles: Rock Band harmonies, and booking travel for Community Team, I was more than relieved when the time finally came to board the plane at Logan Airport for LA and E3 2009. 

Harmonix Community Team on the Road at the MTV Movie Awards

On Sunday, May 31, HMXSean, HMXSteph, HMXKat, and I headed out to the annual MTV Movie Awards at Universal Studios in Los Angeles.

The Beatles: Rock Band Roof Top Concert At The Standard

E3 is a great place to get a sneak peek at the biggest upcoming games, meet with developers and make industry contacts.  And if you’re a developer, there are few places in the world where you’re under more scrutiny, as gaming press, bloggers and rabid fans examine you under a white hot microscope of judgment.

Sardo’s Rock Band Night – E3 Style

My trip to Sardo’s had anything but an ordinary beginning. It seems that for the Microsoft Press Demo that had happened early Monday morning, our intrepid Harmonix team had to borrow cymbals from them in order to complete our signature “look.” 

The Beatles: Rock Band E3 Demo

Check out HMXJohnD and the Community team demo their hearts out in our Abbey Road booth at E3!