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The Beatles: Rock Band Roof Top Concert At The Standard

E3 is a great place to get a sneak peek at the biggest upcoming games, meet with developers and make industry contacts.  And if you’re a developer, there are few places in the world where you’re under more scrutiny, as gaming press, bloggers and rabid fans examine you under a white hot microscope of judgment.

Featured Video of The Week #1: Hope's P!nk Sweater

Check out the winning video from the E3 sweepstakes "Limelight (original)" as performed by Hope's P!nk Sweater from Denton, Texas.

HMX Community on the Road: E3 Booth Walk Through

Join the community team exclusive walk through of 10,000 square foot, Abbey Road recreation of The Beatles: Rock Band E3 booth.

Harrahs Finals

Revealing costumes! Tackiest puns in band names ever! And wall to wall rock attitude! All here in the last videos from our Rock Band competition.

Total Rock, Total Rewards 2009: National Finals!

I just left Las Vegas again to help get another Rock Band tour off the ground (Can't Stop Rockin' w/ REO SpeedWagon & Styx). Fear not though, we're about to throw up the horns and stage dive face first into the Total Rock, Total Rewards 2009 Finals.

Total Rock, Total Rewards 2009: Atlantic City Regionals!

I can't even begin to describe all the madness that went on in Atlantic City over the past five days... no, wait, that's not right. I'm about to describe all that madness right here.These are going to be some super-sized posts, so I’m going to start with the Eastern Regionals and then move to the Finals + House of Blues.

Total Rock Rewards Finalist Videos: New Orleans

We ventured to the bayou for even stiffer competition in the Crescent City.

Total Rock, Total Rewards 2009: New Orleans!

Normally I just jump right into the action, but this show in New Orleans was so epic that I feel the need to add a little preface.

Total Rock, Total Rewards Finalist Videos: Hammond

Things get even wilder in the happening town of Hammond—That’s in Indiana, for you non-casino goers—where competing bands got seriously into the live show

Total Rock, Total Rewards Finalist Videos: Las Vegas

So you want to earn the glory in our nationwide, Harrah’s-sponsored Rock Band competition? Hate to break the news, but you’re up against some real pros. Check out the video of the Las Vegas finalists.