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Cams & Lights Sketchbook Featuring Mouse & Friend

When I play Rock Band, the world around me fades out as soon as the venue lights up on my TV. I am whisked away from my everyday concerns and for a few precious songs I imagine being inside my favorite movie, Purple Rain, to perform at First Avenue and see the audience go wild. I get caught up in the photographic look of the venues and sometimes I pay more attention to the camera angles than the notes coming at me. At that point I totally fail out of the game and get booed by the audience.

Rock Band 3 Sketchbook Part 1 of 3: Art Director Ryan Lesser & Art Lead Pete MacDonald Talk Rock Band 3 Art & Character Creator

By now some of you have seen the amazing new look of Rock Band 3. The venues, characters, and rock star world you know and love got an overhaul in the space between Rock Band 2 and Rock Band 3. We sat down with Harmonix Art Director Ryan Lesser and Rock Band Art Lead Pete MacDonald to talk about what inspired the new look, the story behind the vignettes, new venues, filming the Rock Band 3 cinematic, and more.

Harmonix Artist Aaron Demuth Speaks!

Harmonix artist Aaron Demuth talks to us about his lighting work for the Rock Band games, the album artwork he makes for his band Libyans, and some of his unique paintings and drawings.

The Art of Harmonix Artist Jeff Hesser

Many of the artists who make their way into Harmonix arrive here for their first professional art job out of college. Jeff Hesser’s path to the Harmonix studio in Cambridge evolved from a different route than some of his teammates in the 3D art team.

Green Day: Rock Band Concept Art

It's here! Green Day: Rock Band is now available! HMXillustrashawn sat down with us to talk about some of the concept artwork he did for the game.

The Art of Harmonix Artist Mitch Fletcher

Harmonix Artist Mitch Fletcher knew he wanted to work on video games way back in seventh grade. After encountering concept art in a video game hint manual the very idea of working as an artist in games appealed to him

The Work of Harmonix Artist Kerry Roan

Kerry sat down with us to show some of his work and talk about how he got his start at Harmonix.

The Work of Harmonix Artist Matt Perlot

Matt Perlot, or Perly to his fellow HMXers, bears a striking resemblance to the angular characters he deftly draws at work. Just like Perly his characters say a lot with only a little, giving clues to a deeper back story.

Marry The Woman Who Helps You Start A Career as a Video Game Character Artist: The Matt Gilpin Story

Harmonix Lead Character Artist Matt Gilpin shows us his classic-looking Rock Band stickers, his minicomic and other personal art, and talks to us about his path to becoming a Harmonix artist.

Tiny Birds in Hats, Robots & Fridgecars: The Artwork of Fish McGill

You asked for it, and we deliver. 'Zine readers wanted to know more about the eclectic art stylings featured on 52 Weeks article series, so we present an interview with Fish McGill, the Harmonix web team member and artist behind the quirky drawings.

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