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Atlanta, Kitchen Appliances & Limbs: A Conversation With Peaches

We sat down with Peaches to discuss inspirations for the doohickeys with interchangeable limbs and attitudes.

Raqmo: A Gift & A Curse

During the short period of time between Rock Band & Rock Band 2 the art team worked creating promotional art collaborating with each other and mixing up the different styles found in Rock Band.

Been There, Made That: Rock Band Venues

We’ve covered the last venue in Rock Band 2 – the gorgeous Shanghai Arena – but before players reach the final stage they have to play a lot of smaller spots.

Rock Band Microphones Designed by Reiko Murakami

As any Rock Band singer knows, picking your microphone is crucial. It helps define your character.

Dee Art Process

Mr. John Dee has developed an unlikely, inspired approach to creating art for Rock Band.

Rock Band 2 Art by John Dee

HMX artist John Dee created iconic artwork for Rock Band and painted a one-of-a-kind guitar case for the Child’s Play charity auction.

Rock Band Art by John Dee

HMX artist John Dee created some of the most memorable art in Rock Band. We talked with him about his goals for the artwork, his inspirations for his creations, and his methods of creating such detailed work so quickly. 

Exclusive John Dee Guitar Case Artwork Auctioned for Charity

A perfect storm occurred at Harmonix last week when a dirty microwave somewhat randomly signed by the company crossed paths with a high end guitar case en route to Seattle for Penny Arcade’s annual fund raiser for Child’s Play Charity.

The People’s Artist

A hallmark of Rock Band is the visual authenticity for users playing at home (you’re on your own for accurate rock n’ roll smells). 

Making Publicity Artwork

Rock Band owes its distinctive look to the cadre of talented artists who define not only the clothing, instruments, venues and shell of the game itself but also the artwork that represents the game in newspapers and magazines, on T-shirts and hats, and in many other contexts that are difficult for us to keep track of (although we’re pretty sure there hasn’t yet been an officially sanctioned Rock Band chip clip).