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Singles from Kelly Clarkson, Living Colour, Quiet Riot, and Soundgarden Come to the Rock Band Music Store!

Four tracks, originally available only as part of Rock Band Blitz, are making their way to the Rock Band Music Store as singles on January 22nd!

New to RBN: 1/17/13

Vegan Black Metal Chef, that famous worshipper of seitan, debuts on the Rock Band Network today! All RBN songs released today on Xbox 360 are only 80 MSP, so what are you waiting for? MAKE THE SAUCE ALREADY.

Rick Springfield Adds Three Tracks To Rock Band

On January 15th, three tracks from singer-songwriter Rick Springfield are headed to the Rock Band Music Store as part of “Rick Springfield Pack 01”!

New to RBN: 1/10/2013

Goodness gracious - Jerry Lee Lewis’s classic “Great Balls of Fire” is out on the Rock Band Network for Xbox 360!

Singles from Foster the People, Foo Fighters, and Maroon 5 Hitting the Rock Band Music Store

More of the Rock Band Blitz soundtrack comes to Rock Band as singles!

New to RBN: 1/3/2013

2013 is here! To kick off the new year, we have 15 new RBN releases on the PS3, including songs by Pythia, Tina Guo, and Harmonix’s own Steve Pardo, and 5 new releases for Xbox 360.

Ring in the New Year with Tracks from Andrew W.K., Hot Chelle Rae, and more!

Rock into the New Year with new singles available on the Rock Band Music Store on January 1st! Party advocate Andrew W.K. makes his debut in Rock Band with his hit single “Party Hard,” which appeared on his major-label debut record, 2001’s I Get Wet. Pop rockers Hot Chelle Rae also make their debut this week with the lead single from the band’s second album, 2011’s Whatever.

My Chemical Romance Brings a Three-Pack to the Rock Band Music Store

A three-pack from alternative rockers My Chemical Romance is headed to the Rock Band Music Store on December 25th!

New to RBN: 12/20/12

During 2012, the Rock Band Network released over 450 songs on Xbox 360. If the average RBN song is 4 minutes long*, that’s 30 hours of Rock Band with no repeats! (This doesn’t even count the amount of time your fans spend cheering for you.)

Legendary Singer-Songwriter Elton John Adds Three Tracks to Rock Band

Legendary singer-songwriter Elton John brings three tracks to the Rock Band Music store!