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New to RBN: 10/4/12

Today, songs by Onslaught and The Minotaur Project reach Xbox 360 on the RBN! This coming Tuesday, PS3 players can pick up songs by A Day to Remember, Bumblefoot, Ghost Brigade, and Trial by Fire.

Electrified By The Sound: 311 Comes to Rock Band

Superfan John-311 shares why 311 is so important to him to mark the band's debut in Rock Band.

311 Makes Their Rock Band Debut!

Known for their tight sound that seamlessly blends rock, funk, rap, reggae, and more, 311 has long been requested by Rock Band fans. On October 2nd, the band makes their debut on the Rock Band Music Store with three of their biggest tracks!

New to RBN: 9/27/12

Today, the Rock Band Network released 21 new tracks by 17 different artists in 9 different genres for Xbox 360, including the award-winning song “You, Me, & the Boatman” by Austin indie rockers Quiet Company. On PS3, look for the return of Eiffel 65 with “Move Your Body” and the 1957 hit (re-recorded by Jerry Naylor in 2012) “That’ll Be The Day”!

Green Day’s Latest Single “Oh Love” Comes to the Rock Band Music Store

On September 25th, multi-platinum selling and Grammy Award winning group Green Day will release Green Day ¡Uno! , the first album of the three album trilogy entitled Green Day ¡Uno!, Green Day ¡Dos!, Green Day ¡Tré!. On that same day “Oh Love,” the first single from Green Day ¡Uno! – the band’s ninth studio album – will be available in the Rock Band Music Store!

New to RBN: 9/20/12

This week, gothic metal band Ava Inferi debuts on the Rock Band Network with “Majesty”, featuring the haunting vocals of singer Carmen Simões. Other new songs featuring strong female vocals this week include “Cold Kiss” by Amberian Dawn and “Like Never Before” by Astra Kelly, out of a total of 14 new tracks on Xbox 360. Plus, 5 new releases on PS3!

Singles from Smash Mouth and The Offspring’s Latest “Days Go By” Come To the Rock Band Music Store!

Two songs from Smash Mouth and one brand new single from The Offspring are coming to the Rock Band Music Store!

New to RBN: 9/13/12

A Day to Remember is back with “Sticks & Bricks”, and... wub wub wub wub wub... “Giant Bombstep: Reloaded” comes out on Xbox 360. (How does dubstep play in Rock Band Blitz?) Plus, songs by Anarchy Club and Nevermore come to PS3!

Matchbox Twenty Makes Their Rock Band Debut!

Hot on the heels of releasing their latest record, North, rockers Matchbox Twenty will make their debut in Rock Band on September 11th!

New to RBN: 8/30/12

If you play any of these great new RBN releases in Rock Band Blitz, you could briefly hold the coveted #1 spot on a Rock Band Blitz leaderboard.