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The End: Oh My God, The Last One Ever

When Brett Milano first suggested the idea of the "52 Weeks in the Life of a Rockstar" project, I guffawed.

Week #51: The Pre-Graduation Rock & Roll Checklist

Congratulations, rockers: Your first year in a band is nearly over!

Empty-Room Syndrome: How to Handle a Tiny Crowd...Or Lose the One You’ve Got

When your friends in a band come back from their first tour, they’ll probably go on about that one ill-attended disaster show. “Oh man, Cleveland was the worst—we played to nobody”.

Boston, You’re My Home

A Quick Introduction to the Rock’n’Roll Center of the Universe (Really!)

Feel the Pain: The True Story of a Forum Poster''s Quest for a Sweet Tattoo

I have tattoos, many of which I even received while sober. And I was thirsty for more. And no tattoo magazine, artist's portfolio, or Tiny Toons sticker book could quench this proverbial thirst with the inspirado I was seeking.

HMX Bands Showcase: How To Go From Work To A Gig In Style

Last Thursday, Jessica pulled together six Harmonix bands including Abnomality, Thief Thief, Breaking Wheel, Death of the Cool, That Handsome Devil and Bang Camaro for a night of awesome music at The Middle East right across the street from the Harmonix offices.

Welcome to the Internet: How Not to Suck at Web Promotion

You've always thought your band had a decent interweb presence. You’ve got a good amount of friends on the Facespaces out there, most of which reside in your town. So what’s up with the tumbleweed gigs?

Kurt’s Magic Box: A Life in Ticket Stubs

What would it take to locate the ticket stubs of every concert you’ve ever been to?

Backstages We Have Known: True Stories From the Rock and Roll Depths!

They can be some of the dingiest, God-forsaken spaces you

Rich And Famous

Phillip Hunt is an operations associate at Harmonix. He was born in Texas, raised in England and settled in Boston. He has a pre prepared monologue for when people ask about his accent. It’s not Australian.