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52 Weeks Summer School

52 Weeks is off this week for summer vacation chillaxing on the beach, sipping on mojitos out of a big jug while being fanned by a team of cheer leaders and record executives.

Living Large When You're Not: How To Live Like A Rock Star On A Budget

You've finished your encore; underwear litters the stage and everyone's standing up screaming - on tables, on the bar, on their boyfriend's shoulders. You're ushered offstage where - what's this? - French 75 cocktails and Turkish cotton hand towels wait to quench the fevered sweat from your exhausted bodies.

Touring 101: Surviving California

Any band worth its salt will one day find itself touring the intimidating beast that is the state of California. Bear in mind, this is no small task.

Are We Famous Yet?: How to Know When You've Made it Big

A month or so ago, my band VAGIANT was playing at a basement show.

Dealing with Band Member Turnover

When one enters into the unholy cabal that is a “band,” there are a number of unfortunate realities one must wrestle with at some juncture or another.

Be My Stevie and I'll Be Your Lindsey: To Date or Not To Date Your Bandmates

At some point it's bound to happen: your band's at rehearsal (assuming you bother to rehearse) or maybe playing a gig. You take a sidelong glance at your guitarist as her fingers slide smoothly up and down the neck of her beaten-up old Strat, or at the drummer's glistening shirtless torso as he works up a serious sweat keeping the beat that your bassist can't seem to find.

Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away): How to Kick out a Bandmate without Getting Kicked Wicked Hard in the Shins

A band can be a fragile thing. Sometimes the chemistry is perfect – you all love nothing more than sitting around in the space chugging Clamweiser and writing Deep Purple rip-offs about how great you look in Capri pants. But sometimes the chemistry isn't so hot.

First Gigs, Nightmare or Otherwise

If you’re an aspiring rock star, you’re going to have to do it eventually. I’m not talking about waking up naked being spooned by a stranger on the couch of a hotel room under a dirty sleeping bag. I’m talking about getting up on stage for the first time ever, in front of a (hopefully?) large crowd who probably hates you already because they don’t know who you are.

How to Win Fans and Influence People: Projecting “Rockability” Onstage

A few years before I started working at Harmonix, I got into this big argument with my roommate at the time over who should be called the “greatest front man in history.” I said Iggy Pop; she said Jason Kendall of the Amazing Royal Crowns.

Rock The World, Pass The Twizzlers: A Crash Course in Tour-Bus Survival

The tour is about to begin, the open road is calling, and for the next couple of weeks, the tour bus (or van, or RV, or really crowded Volkswagen) is going to be your home.