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CD Or Not CD: They’re clunky, expensive and obsolete. But yes, you still need to deal with them

As we’ve all heard a million times by now, the CD is dead. If you want to sell music, all you’ve got to do is let your fans pay the price of their choice for a download.

You CAN Come Home Again, But You'll Never Get the Smell Out of Your Bomber Jacket: The Hellion's Tour Diaries, part 4

It wasn't me. I swear.

I Got A Free Bird For Ya, Buddy: Dealing With Hecklers

If you’ve played a lot of Rock Band, you know what happens when the band screws up a song: the audience boos, the singer throws a little hissy-fit with the microphone, everybody gives the drummer a dirty look, and the band gets to try again.

Most Likely to Succeed: The Hellion's Tour Diaries, Part 3

I know that lots of things have changed since I was in high school.

On Tour and In Trouble: The Hellion’s Tour Diaries, Part 2

About two years ago, my band VAGIANT was approached by our Number One Superfan, an affable chap named Wes, about playing a show in a hotel for his birthday party in Virginia.

Don't Go On The Boat: the Promotional Party

So you’ve just released your first CD (or record, or download, or piece of fancy cardboard). Great! Now you’ve got to make sure people know about it.

Nancy is a Punk Rocker: The Hellion’s Tour Diaries, Part 1

I recently came back from my first tour with my band VAGIANT and the very badass boys of Razors in the Night. 

Inside South by Southwest

You go to the South by Southwest conference in Austin, TX for a number of reasons—to see bands; do business, see more bands, make contacts, see more bands, and eat more barbeque than you can handle.

The Commute From Hell

You’re a hot Boston band with a national buzz, you’ve been on the road and the big hometown gig is coming up. Everything’s going your way—except that your van just broke down.

Tales From the Management Zone

So you think you know what it takes to manage a band? Then think of what you