Category: 52 Weeks

Getting Signed: How To Get Your Demo Past The Intern

In my year as a record label intern, I listened to hundreds of demo CDs of bands from all over the world. Six years later, I can only remember a handful of them.

Meet Your Rock Heroes! True Encounter Stories

As you move up in the rock ranks, you’re bound to run into some of your musical heroes. This is where you learn to keep your cool—After all, you’re now a peer of sorts, not just a fan.

Giving Props To Props

If you need proof that the right props and staging can make or break a show, consider a Yes concert I saw in 1985 (yes, I loved Yes in 1985 and proudly admit that I still do today).

Valentine's Day Edition: Jason Kendall’s True Rock’n’Romance Confessions

You’re the frontman of a happening rock band, the opposite sex goes wild when you play, all the temptations are there for the taking….but all you really want is your old girlfriend back.

Just Lust: A Guide to Making Your Fans Want to French Kiss You Big Time

Like many of you (okay, ALL of you) I started a band in the hopes that it would ultimately lead to bath-time make-outs with ridiculously attractive people.

Riders on the Storm: Making Backstage Demands like a True Rock Star

I learned many things during my tenure working at a nightclub: what platform boots are good to wear when working the guestlist, what not to say to bouncers, how to tip your bartender, and how much money a touring DJ makes. 

For Those About to Stalk: How to Handle Your Fans Now That You Actually Have a Few

I am not the popular one in my band. That would be LoWreck. Here is a sample of the type of email we receive on a fairly regular basis:

Personality Crisis: Tips on Getting Along With Your Bandmates

I want to state right off the bat that I am totally qualified to write about how to get along with your bandmates. I know this because, at the time of writing this, I have punched only one of my bandmates in the face.

The Gig from Hell: What Happens When Everything Goes Wrong

Often playing a gig is the most amazing experience or your life. Other times things go wrong. Sometimes things go very, very wrong. 

Hitting the Studio: How Not to Get Nervous When They Press “Record”

When you make your first trip to the recording studio, there is just one thing you need to keep in mind: what you’re about to do could go down in music history, make or break your band, and change or ruin your life forever. Okay, now relax and have fun!