Celebrating Three Years of the Rock Band Network

The Rock Band Network project started with the idea that any band, no matter how well known or little known, should be able to sell their original music as playable Rock Band tracks. Crazy as it sounded, the idea caught fire, and the Rock Band Network became one of the most phenomenal user generated content systems ever.

There was a time when 1,000 songs in a music game seemed like the unachievable prize. However, over the last three years, more than 2,000 songs spanning 28 genres and 6 languages have been released via the RBN. Thanks to the RBN, Rock Band players discover old favorites in the Music Store every day, such as Jerry Lee Lewis's 1957 hit "Great Balls of Fire" and John Parr's chart-topping 1985 single "St. Elmo's Fire (Man in Motion)", both released on the RBN this past year.

At Harmonix, we are experiencing a time of transition. In February, we announced that we have been transitioning resources away from weekly Rock Band DLC toward other, as of yet unannounced projects. We've been releasing weekly content for almost five years now, and it's very hard to set it aside, even with the promise of new ventures and new opportunities.

Because of the RBN, weekly releases on the Rock Band platform will continue beyond the end of Harmonix-authored DLC on the Xbox 360. The authors, playtesters, and musicians of the RBN have collaborated to find rising stars on the indie scene and recruit familiar names back into music gaming, such as Anarchy Club, Death of the Cool, and An Endless Sporadic - all with new songs on the RBN this year. The RBN community has released weekly content for three years straight.

So, while we hate to hand off the torch, we know we're handing it over to the best people we could. The members of the RBN community have worked their butts off for years to bring amazing music to Rock Band, and for that they have our trust, our faith, and our thanks. Also, an unreasonable amount of headbanging. Because they ROCK.

Trying to thank everyone by name who's contributed to the RBN community over the last three years would be futile. There have been too many people; it would overrun this page. However, we'd like to give a special shoutout to the remarkable artists, authors, and labels who have submitted music every year for the last 3 years - AGLSolutions, ASP-BigFish, BBRiverBand, CenturyMediaRecords, ChartToppers, FairwoodStudios, FreenInGreen, jonathancoulton, kcunningham04, Magnet, NoisyPuppet, Nuclear Blast Records, OffbeatEntertainment, OzoneEntertainment, pksage, RhythmAuthors, RhythmBastard, RockGamer, roseofjericho, Scratching the Itch, SumerianRecords, ThatAuthoringGroup, and Victory. Thanks for your lasting dedication and enthusiasm!

If you've ever considered releasing your music through the RBN or joining the community as an author or playtester, now is a great time to get started! To learn more about the Rock Band Network, go to or talk with the RBN community on the main Rock Band forums here.

See you on the RBN!


As a long time user I was deeply saddened by the announcement of the discontinuation of the weekly DLCs. This has been, yes sadly, one of the great highlights of my week to be able to purchase new songs for my RB game. Now, this will be no more. I hope that you will release new songs as special features now and again as I truly will miss the DLC and no longer hage this great joy to add to my week. If there is any way that we, as customers and great fans, can do to help make this worth your while maybe you could tell us - e.g. up the prices of the songs? I would always buy DLC ... I hope you can find a way to still provide us songs at least now and again. Sincerely, Meowmy.