Rock Band Community Team at CES in Las Vegas

The community team is hitting the road armed with HD cameras to share their findings and fun. Check here often to see behind the scenes action and interviews with all sorts of Rock Band related people and places.

HMXaleX and HMXJohnD head out to Las Vegas for the annual Consumer Electronics Showcase. While there, they rock with convention goers at the SanDisk Booth, promoting the new SanDisk Rock Band 2 SD Card, which you can use to store all of your favorite RB2 Wii DLC! At night, they head over to Harrah's, where they meet a weird cast of karaoke stars at a bar night in their "Piano Bar". What happens in Vegas...well, HMX posts it in a video on the interwebs...

Kathy Hickman - Director of Lifestyle Events, Harrah's Kevin - First Time RockBander!
"Gil" - Our crazy SanDisk Master of Ceremonies

"Love During Wartime" - The Main Drag
"Falling Forwards" - The Main Drag