Custom Rock Band Guitar for Child's Play!

One of the reasons we love going to PAX so much is that it gives us a chance to meet awesome folks that we normally wouldn’t have a chance to meet.  We get to visit another coast and hang out with travelers from far away lands with rare and exotic wares.  The HMX Community Team met Austin right smack dab in the middle of the madness at PAX.  He came up to the main stage for The Beatles: Rock Band, and he brought his own guitar with him… a guitar the likes of which had never been seen by any of the HMX crew.  We had to know more.  This is what Austin told us.

Several months ago, when Pepsi and Harmonix teamed up on the Drink Up, Rock Out promotion, there were 30 custom designed guitar controllers made for players who were widely known, skilled, and respected in the Rock Band community.  I was lucky enough to receive one. Every year I donate something to Child's Play as a result of my gaming and I believed this would be the ultimate gift to the organization.

With the help and wonderful support of the Harmonix team I was able to make this a reality and get it to Child's Play by the end of Saturday during PAX signed by over a dozen employees, making this what I believed to be the best and most rewarding PAX to date. I was very happy to share the information about my band "Star Ennui" with HMX as well, in the hopes of getting involved with Rock Band Network soon after it launches.

All my donations are the pure result of what the rhythm gaming franchises have done for me, and I feel it wonderful to give back. Let’s hope this guitar makes tons of money at this year’s Child's Play charity dinner!

-    Austin "Mr. Pulsar" Throop