Guns N’ Roses’ Chinese Democracy Hits Rock Band

We regret to announce that our release of Guns N’ Roses’ Chinese Democracy has been delayed, please check back with us around 2021….Only kidding! It may have taken Axl Rose more a decade to create his rock’n’roll epic, but the complete album hits Rock Band in record time: Just five months after its release (minus of course "Shackler’s Revenge,” which already made its worldwide debut as a Rock Band 2 disc song) we’re proud to present this monument to grandeur and sleaze.

The sheer ambition of the album is hard to miss: On any given track you may be playing alongside a wall of electronics, or a full orchestra and choir. The guitar parts include blistering leads by as many as five players at once. And you might be singing harmonies that a young, bratty Axl harmonized with an older, wiser Axl five years apart.

If you’ve played “Shackler’s” you’ve heard the edgier, electronic side of the album; but there’s a whole lot more going on here. Grand Axl ballads? Check. Nasty rockers in classic GNR style? Check. Mega-production numbers with a few touchs of prog rock? That too—The changes on “Madagascar” alone can get your head spinning.

For a long while, Chinese Democracy was the most notorious album that money couldn’t buy. Rose went through multiple studios, bandmates and producers before he was satisfied. The original GNR lineup splintered before the sessions even started. Lots of big names came and went, including Queen guitarist Brian May and Skid Row’s Sebastian Bach.

A couple of big names stuck around, like the Replacements’ Tommy Stinson—yes, the same guy who plays bass on “Alex Chilton” is on most of this album. The album was delayed so long that Offspring jokingly threatened to steal the title Chinese Democracy, then thought better of it. Even when the album was released, controversy followed—Thanks to the title, you still can’t buy it in China.

Controversies may come and go, however, but rock’n’roll is forever. Axl had the last laugh when Chinese Democracy was released last November, it was a huge hit—and now it’s your turn to rock along.