Cruefest Pack DLC!

Once upon a time, Motley Crue were very naughty boys. They still are, but with a difference: During the '80s you wouldn’t imagine the Crue being responsible enough to do something entrepreneurial like organizing a touring festival. But with their self-destructive days behind them, the Crue are taking care of business and bringing the Cruefest to your town. To celebrate we present three tracks including one exclusive.

if you think the only good Crue is old Crue, guess again

“Face Down in the Dirt” is a spankin’ new Crue track, and if you think the only good Crue is old Crue, guess again: This one has all the swagger of the Dr. Feelgood era, with Vince Neil channeling his younger, brattier self. If you cringe at the thought of getting a job, going to school or otherwise growing up, this one is for you.

But who is that band doing the darker, heavier metal of “Life is Beautiful”? Believe it or not, that’s Crue bassist Nikki Sixx with his other band, Sixx:AM. This comes from an album they made as the “soundtrack” to Sixx’s confessional book, The Heroin Diaries — a disc that includes spoken bits and edgy electronic breaks, plus grisly rockers like this one. Consider this the flipside to the Crue’s brand of social irresponsibility.

Who’d expect that a hard-rocking, hard-partying band from L.A. would wind up on a Motley Crue tour? Okay, everyone expected that; and Buckcherry have been flying the flag proudly. One new song they’ve introduced on this tour is about being too drunk to…uh, do something. You won’t hear that song in our T-rated game; but we’ve got something even cooler: “Rescue Me” comes from the group’s new album, which won’t be released for another month — The song is currently available nowhere else, even on the band’s website. And unlike that other tune, you can sing this around your parents without getting grounded for a week.

Stay tuned for more from the Cruefest, including exclusive blogs from the road. And if you dug the Trapt song in our previous Cruefest package, take note that the band’s new album, Only Through the Pain is hitting the streets today.

But no, System of a Down hasn’t reunited to play Cruefest: We’re only releasing an additional two tracks as DLC this week because…well, because we can. “Toxicity” and “B.Y.O.B.” are two of the landmark tracks by the alt-metal pioneers, the second even won a Grammy in 2006 (Trivia note: It was also the occasion of the band once saying a cuss word on live TV). You want loud and subversive and tricky to play, you got it twice.

“I Want My, I Want My DLC!”


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