The Dead Weather Makes Their Rock Band Debut: Jack White’s New Band Launches Tour with Three-Pack DLC

You say they don’t make supergroups like they used to? Then you need to hear The Dead Weather, which makes its Rock Band debut with a three-pack this week. You know the group’s founder Jack White, a Detroit troublemaker who normally plays with a little combo called the White Stripes. The Dead Weather also do primal garage rock, but that’s where the similarity ends.

In this band White’s behind the drums, and singer Alison Mosshart, from the two-person rock band The Kills, is the one upfront. Added guitar voltage comes from Dean Petita, of Queens of the Stone Age, while bassist Jack Lawrence also plays in yet another of White’s bands, The Raconteurs. What’s it sound like? Loud and energizing, with vocals that urge you to try on your best not-to-be-messed-with attitude.

The band came about by accident when White lost his voice on a Raconteurs tour and Mosshart, who was opening with The Kills, stepped in to sing his parts; White thought that sounded great and that they should make a single together. Before long the single (one of our featured tracks, “Hang You From the Heavens”) turned into an album and The Dead Weather became a fulltime band. After recording the album in a matter of weeks, they played their first-ever gig on March 11th to an exclusive audience of 150 in Nashville; after one-off gigs in London and Paris they launch their first full-scale US tour this week.