Create Music with Rock Band 3 MIDI Instruments with deMIDulator from HMX Alum Derek Enos

Derek Enos worked at Harmonix in the hardware department creating new instruments for you to rock out on. Derek recently created a MIDI synthesizer and audio sampler to create and capture sound with MIDI instruments. For you Rock Band 3 players, that means you can break out your keyboard or Fender Mustang PRO-Guitar and create new tunes. Check out the info and video from Derek below.

The deMIDulator is an open source MIDI synthesizer and audio sampler that provides a new and unique way to create and capture sound with your MIDI instruments. It's designed to be compact, easy to use and offers flexible power, input/output and MIDI control options. Its sine and square wave sound modes generate anything from low rich tones to harsh electronic chirps, while the audio sample mode allows you to record any sound you want using either the on-board microphone, line-in audio jack or by connecting an iPhone-compatible headset. The open source design and ability to update its firmware via MIDI, make the deMIDulator a great platform for modification and development. For more info, or to pre-order either a kit or fully-assembled unit, please visit the deMIDulator on Kickstarter.


Ahora con la abilidad de no solo de tocar lo de otros sino de crear lo tuyo y tocarlo... BIEN