Enter the Asylum with a Disturbed Three-Pack! Plus Singles from Veer Union, Crash Kings, and We Are The Fallen

This week we bring you another DLC pack from Disturbed. This time you can play the Rock Band tracks a full week before the album hits stores! Disturbed's fifth studio album Asylum is set to hit stores August 31st. The title track "Asylum," "The Animal," and the first single "Another Way to Die" will please any Disturbed fan. Featuring David Draiman's unique vocals, the pounding syncopated rythyms of drummer Mike Wengren, and the wailing, driving guitar and bass work from Dan Donegan and John Moyer, Asylum is the band's second self-produced album. 

The band stresses story-telling in their songwriting and they explain all three DLC tracks on their website, Singer Draiman says "The Animal" is inspired by movies like Underworld, and is about someone that's actually a werewolf and who enjoys the power of the transformation. More based in reality, the title track "Asylum" recalls the memory of a lost love that you can't let go. A timely track, "Another Way to Die" is about global warming. 

As a special gift to fans, Disturbed will include a DVD of A Decade of Disturbed, the band's 75-minute-plus documentary of their career, with every copy of Asylum. The band is currently on tour with the Rockstar UPROAR festival, and will continue a headlining tour into the fall. 

We're also bringing you three new singles from Universal Motown Records. Bass-heavy, cheery, and super catchy, Los Angeles band Crash Kings' "Mountain Man" comes from their eponymous debut album. Canadian band Veer Union brings their Billboard Top 10 Rock single "Seasons" to Rock Band. If the song sounds familiar, it's because it's been used during baseball games, WWE matches, and hockey games, as well as being all over rock radio. "Seasons" will also be available in the family-friendly LEGO Rock Band Music StoreWe Are the Fallen brings their hit single "Bury Me Alive" to Rock Band. We Are the Fallen features American Idol contestant Carly Smithson, bassist Marty O'Brien, and former members of fellow Rock Band band Evanescence - guitarists Ben Moody & John LeCompt, and drummer Rocky Gray. Hard rock with soaring vocals, "Bury Me Alive" should be a favorite of Rock Band singers everywhere. 

These tracks will be available as "Disturbed Pack 03" and "Universal Motown Republic Pack 01," as well as individual tracks, on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and as individual tracks only on Wii. Tracks will be $1.99 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and $2.00 on Wii. The packs will be $5.49 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.   

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