DPS: Community On The Road

The HMX PR/Community team was more than happy to escape the frozen tundra of Cambridge and spend a few days (or at least parts of a few days) in the bright Arizona sunshine. This years’ Destination Playstation took place in Scottsdale at the fabulous, if labyrinthine Fairmont Resort. Upon arrival, the friendly sir at the front desk happily drove us over to the HMX/MTV Games suite in his golf cart. After lugging in the gear, HMXJohnD set up the Ion drum kit in record time while HMXAleX made the long trek back to his room for The Beatles RockBand game disk he forgot to take to the suite.

Just as we finished setting up, (about 3am east coast time) a group of executives descended on our suite with enormous wine glasses, demanding to see a demo. Ok, they didn’t so much demand, they actually asked quite nicely, and we of course couldn’t say no.

HMX Community all grabbed their respective controllers. I stood ready behind the mic. We prepared to rock some faces off with the first semi-public Beatles RockBand demo.  As we tore into the first song, the idle chatter in the room immediately ceased. Eyes widened and jaws dropped. It was an epic reveal that we were all proud to be a part of.

After playing a few songs, we headed off to find food. HMXAleX proceeded to get us hopelessly lost in the maze of landscaped ponds, fluffy bunnies (yes, real, live bunnies!) and manicured walkways that make up The Fairmont Resort. (Footage of us chastising him no doubt will turn up at some point) After some Twizzlers and grilled cheese sammies, we parted ways and crashed for the night.
The next two days were spent showing off The Beatles RockBand and RockBand Unplugged on PSP to retail buyers. The usual suspects (Wal-Mart, Target, Game Stop) all came by to see what Harmonix had cooked up, as well as some unconventional folks like The Nebraska Furniture Company. All were super nice and undoubtedly impressed.  

Some of the more surreal moments included JohnD running into Lewis Black in the lobby (he opened for Wyclef’s DPS performance) and seeing the entire female cast of The Bachelor saunter out of a white van wearing nothing but string bikinis and six inch stiletto heels. (Just imagine the confusion and drool as they strutted by DPS attendees eating breakfast on the patio)

After a two hour flight delay and some delicious ice cream, we boarded our plane in Phoenix, flew through a lightning storm, and landed safely back in snowy Boston. We made it just in time for the HMX Bowlening, a company wide outing where we divide up into teams, and bowl ourselves silly! (more videos to follow)

Next stop, Abbey Road Studios.