Destination Playstation 2010: NO SPOILERS

Once again I escaped the watery trenches of Cambridge-in-March to attend the annual Destination PlayStation conference in sun-swept Scottsdale Arizona. Like last year, we were there showing off new, never before seen Harmonix games for droves of corporate sales buyers.  HMXHenry and I met up with a road weary HMXJohnD at the Sky Harbor airport in Phoenix, (known for being “America’s Friendliest Airport ®” I’ll have you know) and began lugging large quantities of Rock Band gear past curious onlookers and suspicious airport security folks.  

HMXHenry & HMXJohnD await the golf carts

We arrived at the Fairmont Princess in Scottsdale, home of Destination PlayStation, to find friendly sirs with golf carts ready to help us transport out gear across the expansive, south-western sprawl of the resort. A couple of hours later, the MTV Games Suite was transformed from a mild-mannered hotel Casita, to an epic lair of music gaming. We were ready to show two games that had almost never been seen outside of the Harmonix Studios. 

HMXHenry likes Green Day: Rock Band...and cookies

The folks from Game Stop really loved Green Day: Rock Band! Some were especially impressed with the realistic tattoos on each band member’s avatar. Way to go Art Team! HMXJohnD gave his presentation about the game, what venues will be shown in-game etc, and then we launched into a song. Though it was fairly early in the morning for a rock demo, especially after a late flight into a three-hour time difference, we killed it, of course. John then spoke a bit about Rock Band 3, pointing out some key features. Eyes widened and mouths hung agape as he finished his presentation and we demonstrated a song from the game. 

See guys? It’s just like last year when we couldn’t tell you what was played at DPS! (Spoilers: It was The Beatles: Rock Band!) Suffice it to say that during the demo with there was a big group sing-along and everyone walked away smiling. I left Henry and John for Boston, and they travelled on to SXSW, where I hear GWAR was quite entertaining, but I’ll let them tell you about that…

Be sure to check our Flickr Page for pics from DPS and SXSW!