John Drake Ransom-o-thon, Day #1

So I have an awesome blog talking about RB2 stuff that's waiting to get posted. "Where is my update!" I hear you ask! Well, here's the stages for me to post:

  • Think about something to write about (done!)
  • Write the article (done!)
  • Take screenshots (done!)
  • Make sure HMXSean is okay with it (done!)
  • Make sure John Drake, PR Coordinator, is okay with it (uh...)

At lunch today, I yelled at him as he was leaving for the airport. "Hey! Can I post my blog yet?!"

He yelled back "I'll read it at the airport."

I yelled back "Okay, but for every day you don't reply to me I'll post a picture of you on".

He hasn't replied yet. We're starting off with something tame and going from there. This is a photo of John on "Formal Friday," an occasion that our web team started a few months ago.

Rock Band 2 designer Casey Malone made a joke about this suit, commenting that maybe it was a little too snug in the pants department. John, in a fit of furious rage, made some insinuations that were uncalled for about Casey's body image in return. John is known to get into fits of furious rage. I hope everything is okay at home with him.

Tomorrow, you'll either have another photo and story, or a Rock Band 2 article with screenshots and some interesting stuff. Your call, LL Cool Drake.