Rock Band Nights in Germany

Stiff neck? Then maybe you just talked with Sebastian. He is from a rare species called the "German Giants." How he became that tall is quite unresolved. There are some rumours in connection with his chocolate consumption because he eats a lot of that. But hey: if you need someone to clean your ceiling, just call him. The easiest way to get in contact with Sebastian is visiting a Rock Band Promotion in Germany. So come and get it!

Have you ever asked yourself, “what's going on with Rock Band all over the world?” Good question! Today let's talk about Rock Band in Germany.

Indeed, we found people here who do not just wear leather shorts and yodel around the corner [to all Germans: Hey, just kidding!]. No, there are a few of us who are rockin’ hard, especially in Cologne (there’s a reason this city is host of GamesCom).

Since November 2009, the EA Sports Bar stages a crazy Rock Band Battle where two bands play against each other at the same time and rock the saloon. But wait: two bands at the same time? How does that work? 

Two bands playing - one with headphones!

The hard rockin' Germans build up two full Rock Band stages next to each other where one band is playing with headphones, the other one out loud for everyone to hear. They play the same song at the same time which is chosen by lot. This is a lot of fun, I tell you! But why take my word for it?  Just see for yourself in the videos and enjoy!  


When they started the battle in November 2009, the call was answered by six bands. But the number of bands is increasing every month. It seems the Germans can't get enough of Rock Band. In February, twelve bands had already tried to be the Rock Band champion of Cologne. Keep it up guys! 

Bringing your own props earns bonus points.

If that’s not enough, there are bands that have their own fanclub already! Just check out “The Steve Schnurs” on Facebook.They are January’s winners, and it's just a matter of time before they will make the breakthrough, yes!  

So when you guys visit Cologne next time, visit the EA Sportsbar and perhaps you will even win the battle! For more fun photos and videos of Rock Band nights at the EA Sportsbar in Germany, check out their official Facebook page